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Watercolor and Acrylic paintings of Birds

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This gallery is composed of a collection of watercolor paintings of birds from across Western hemisphere that are featured in Michael Earney's "The A to Z Book of Birds - An ABC for Young Bird Lovers."

Michael's realistic renderings depict birds in their natural habitat engaged in activities that bird lovers will instantly recognize.   

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"The A to Z Book of Birds: An ABC for Young Bird Lovers"
Nonfiction book by Michael Earney

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"The A to Z Book of Birds" is a book for young bird lovers.

"Bird species are disappearing at an alarming rate and mankind is the cause. In my A to Z Book of Birds," Michael explains, "I have tried to convey the beauty and diversity of birds, to impart some knowledge about them and to, perhaps, raise awareness of how they contribute to life on our planet."

This book is available in hardcover, paperback, and a Kindle edition.

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