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Watercolor and Acrylic paintings of Weeds

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This gallery is composed of a collection of watercolor and acrylic paintings of weeds from across North America that are featured in Michael Earney's "The A to Z Book of Weeds and Other Useful Plants."

Michael's realistic renderings help you instantly recognize familiar plants in your environment and learn the name of new ones.   

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"The A to Z Book of Weeds and Other Useful Plants"
Nonfiction book by Michael Earney

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In "The A to Z Book of Weeds" readers gain a new insight into the world of weeds. We usually see weeds as plants we don't want and spend millions annually to eradicate. Yet, these same plants have provided food, medicine, clothing, shelter and pleasure for thousands of years. Millions of people around the world still depend upon these plants, many of which you can find right outside your door. This book is available in hardcover and paperback.

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